Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Regina dome: high cost for sure, public support less so

If a domed stadium in Regina cost $500 million including land costs and was split between the three levels of government, it would be pricey indeed. This would be a cost of $5 for every Canadian, $172 for Saskatchewan residents outside Regina, and $985 for every man, woman, and child in Saskatchewan. That final total is equivalent to two years of season's tickets!


dave984 said...

Let's get public support to where it should be, in my view, absolute Zero support.

We can't afford adequate snow removal in most of our cities. Moose Jaw can't even remove the snow from around the parking meters within a week after a storm. The city has to double the taxes for it's businesses on an annual basis using the guise of SAMA parity for it's tax grab. Yet, MJ embarks on a multiplex project.

For most of the areas of Regina, except for those on a bus route, snow removal is a do it yourself project, evidenced by a retired worker who reportedly took on the job himself in his area.

So, the enconomics, just isn't here for this project. It costs too much. We have to focus on issues of roads, hospital beds, housing, infrastructure issues, not entertainment venues that have iffy at best, the Roughriders who not so long ago had to be bailed out, ancor tenants, and a for sure cost of operation that will have to be carried by you and I in our future taxes once the thing is built.

If it's such a good thing then why isn't the private sector stepping in to bear the whole cost?

Anonymous said...

What? The report is talking about a domed "350,000 seat stadium" ? I know the Riders are popular but I think the anchor is a little too blonde.

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