Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Blog

Thanks to all of you who have been loyally reading our musings on this space for the past 4+ years on this site. It has gone under more than a couple face-lifts over that time, but has always remained here.

However, with the launch of our new and improved website at, we have integrated a blog right into the site. While the current layout and features of the blog leave a little to be desired, we are now posting there and will be working over the next few months to improve the layout of that blog.

The new blog can be found here:

Please bookmark that site.

This site, will remain as an archive.

Thanks for your continued reading.

Scott Hennig
National Communications Manager


Anonymous said...

Has and is privatization saving tax payers dollars and if it is where and how is it being spent and why is it not showing up anywhere. Since privatization has occurred we seem to be going even more further in debt completing spending projects we cannot afford and are justifying them saying we are saving money doing it privately but either publically or privately we still cannot afford these projects it appears.

Anonymous said...

It is quite unfortunate that I was not able to find the site to sign your petition on reform for MP's pensions. It is aweful that we pay 24.00 for every dollar that MP's pay into their pendsion plan. This abuse of the system has to stop. It is quite disheartening that nothing has been done to date in preventing this terrible abuse of our Tax system. Please lobby to have this pension travesty stopped. Thank you kindly, Clifton Boudreau.

Michael said...

See you over the other side.

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