Wednesday, September 09, 2009

MP Pension Pay Revealed For The First Time

The CTF has a pay stub for the first time revealing MP pension pay. Former two-time MP Garth Turner has provided the Canadian Taxpayers Federation with a copy of his MP Pension pay stub. It reveals he received $26,417 in 2009 dollars.

In providing the information Mr. Turner asked the CTF to post the following:

"I've provided this evidence of my pension for almost nine years' service in the House of Commons for a reason. Not to say it is too high or too low, that I deserve it or not, or to suggest how the system should be changed. I fully understand how privileged I've been to be an MP, and how the compensation for being in Parliament exceeds what most families have to live on.

"I do this because the system needs more transparency. I had a beef with the CTF when my pension was misstated. They got it wrong and to their credit have corrected it. Meanwhile, I certainly have nothing to hide. This money comes to me from Canadian taxpayers, of which I am one."

The CTF will continue its campaign against lavish MPs pensions. Transparency can only advance our efforts.


George said...

Is $26K as an annual pension considered to be too lavish? Please give me a break.

Anonymous said...

It's outrages for only nine years of work. And we wonder why we are in so much debt.

Anonymous said...

oh my god ,,,thats disgusting....
how is this right,,,,who gets
100,000 a year for a pension????
off with there heads i say.

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