Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ballooning and Never-Ending Deficits

Canada's Finance Minister today announced the deficit will balloon to $55 billion. He says the budget won't be balanced until 2015. That is 7 years of huge deficits. This is a financial disaster of immense proportions. Who would have thunk that a Harper government would oversee such an spending disaster.



Anonymous said...

I may have been able to accept a small deficit for 2008 given what happened in the markets and if a surplus was used to correct it the next year, but large deficits over several years? Unacceptable. The federal government needs to make some cuts to wasteful spending -- now!

Jim Taylor aka ' A Simple Layman' said...

Seems to me Harper took a page out of Mulroney's book.
I used to be a solid Tory supporter because I thought they were fiscally responsible.
I now realize they are all the same, and that we get the kind of governance we deserve.
We have been living in la la land since Trudeau started buying our votes with our own money, and we have proven to be too stupid to know the difference.
Democracy has proven we are too stupid to rule ourselves.
One day these debts will simply have to be wiped out, and start all over again with a clean slate.
These kind of debts will NEVER be repaid and will forever be a testimony to one of the most self centered generations to ever breath air.
That is you and me bud! I am not talking about anyone else.

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