Tuesday, September 08, 2009

All Things HST

Can't get enough of the discussion around harmonizing provincial sales taxes? Here are a few reports for your bedtime reading...

1) 2001 University of New Brunswick - The Effect of the Harmonized Sales Tax on Consumer Prices in Atlantic Canada
2) 2005 Mount Allison University - An Analysis of the Impact of Harmonized Sales Tax on Provincial Revenues in Atlantic Canada
5) 2006 University of Toronto - Coordinating Federal and Provincial Sales Taxes: Lessons from the Canadian Experience
6) 2007 University of Toronto - The Economic Impacts of Value Added Taxation: Evidence from the HST Provinces
7) 2007 C.D. Howe Institute - Lessons in Harmony: What Experience in the Atlantic Provinces Shows About the Benefits of a Harmonized Sales Tax
8) 2008 C.D. Howe Institute - Slicing the Pie: Federal Assistance for Provincial Sales Tax Reform
9) 2009 Ontario Chamber of Commerce report - Made in Ontario: The Case for Sales Tax Harmonization

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