Wednesday, August 05, 2009

UK Holds It’s First Open Primary

The birthplace of parliamentary democracy - Great Britain - has just held its first open primary in the selection of a Conservative candidate for a by-election. In what saw a massive turnout - larger than the turnout for most actual by-elections - everyone in the riding had a say in choosing who the candidate will be in the next election. This ensures that should the candidate be elected to Westminster, he or she will owe their primary allegance to their electors, not leaders.

Across the pond, Preston Manning has moved in to support this initiative, and it may well be time that we considered it as the next big push for democratic reform. As as always eloqount British MEP Daniel Hannan said on the development, “[the candidate] will be almost impossible to beat. Indeed, the only way that the LibDems could even dream of taking her on is by selecting their own candidate through a similar method.”

Who will open the floodgates here?

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It's "its" not "it's"

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