Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Canadian tax dollars give Bloc 86% of their funds

The staggering truth about the per vote subsidy and who pays the $9.4 million to pring MP propaganda is here.

Scott Hennig, a spokesperson for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, which is opposed to all forms of federal government financial support for political parties, called the Ten Percenter program "bizarre," and decried what he called the perpetual election campaign being waged on the taxpayer's dime.

"I think it's bizarre that a B.C. MP would be sending [a flyer] to someone in P.E.I. ... We're in a perpetual campaign and regardless of whether we're in a campaign or not taxpayers' money shouldn't be spent buying election ads. I think most people pay their taxes with the hope that they're going to get services for them, not attack ads, or brochures, or streets littered with signs and campaign buses all over the place, that's not what taxpayers pay their money for."


percyq said...

So what? The subsidy follows one's vote and is entirely appropriate, particularly in comparison to the tax break one receives for political contributions where every other taxpayer subsidizes one's partisan preference.
CTF...yet again on the wrong side of an issue.

Phillip Keller said...

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