Monday, July 13, 2009

Via Rail advertises Ontario routes in Regina

screen shot captured July 13, 2009
(screen shot captured July 13, 2009)

Via rail has taxpayer dollars to burn. What else could be the reason that it advertises a local Ontario route to readers in Regina, Saskatchewan where no Via train passes through?

Chalk it up as one more reason to sell off crown assets. According to CanWest, government documents in Ottawa indicate the federal government is preparing to do just that. It has identified the following crown corporations as "not self-sustaining":

Company name, commercial revenues, parliamentary subsidy, expenses
Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., $614.2 million, $285.3 million, $1.3 billion
CBC, $565.5 million, $1.1 billion, $1.7 billion
Cape Breton Development Corp., $5.1 million, $60 million, $94.1 million
Federal Bridge Corp. Ltd., $14.6 million, $31.0 million, $42.9 million
National Arts Centre Corp., $26.0 million, $40.6 million, $65.7 million
Old Port of Montreal Corp., $16.7 million, $15.1 million, $32.0 million
Parc Downsview Park Inc., not available, not available, not available
VIA Rail Canada Inc., $293.9 million, $266.2 million, $505.5 million

Source: Department of Finance, Public Accounts of Canada
Note: Financial results are for 2007-08

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nic-of-time said...

VIA Rail's financial management policy may leave a lot to be desired, but anyone who believes it should be self-sustaining doesn't know the first thing about transportation. Doesn't know that every other method of transportation in the country is subsidized. Maybe it's time to restore the old Canadian route, which serves the two most populated cities in Canada that don't have passenger rail service (Calgary and Regina).

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