Monday, July 13, 2009

Corner Gas All Pumped Out

Despite getting millions in tax credits from Saskatchewan taxpayers, no one involved with Corner Gas seems interested in making the set a tourist site, nor even allowing it. This Star-Phoenix editorial sums up the problem well.

Virginia Thompson, president of Verité Films that produced the show, says the company has found the money to slap a coat of paint on the old set, but says, "We're not in the tourism business."

This despite what the mayor says were promises made before the show ended that the townspeople would be left with a "wonderful legacy." Ms. Thompson says renovating the site to make it safe and attractive for tourists would cost at least $250,000, and her company is worried about liability issues if a visitor gets injured...

At a time when gobs of public money has been invested in a sound stage in Regina and tax credits galore are being offered to build a film and TV industry in Saskatchewan, those who avail themselves of the advantages need to look past their noses to leave something behind. It could even translate into an ongoing revenue stream from a hit show long after it stops production.
Unfortunately, it's not hard to imagine that the next "solution" to this impasse will involve more provincial tax dollars.

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