Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Carbon tax coercion continues

While people across Canada celebrate Canada Day, here in B.C. we get to celebrate by paying a higher carbon tax.

The carbon tax goes up by 50% today (58% with the GST included), as the government continues with its plan to force people out of their cars, sit around in the dark, and wear sweaters in their homes to stop what some people believe is a looming global warming Armageddon.

But as political parties have discovered to their dismay, voters are not willing to sacrifice their wellbeing today to prevent something that may or may not happen 100 years from now. It's time to get rid of the carbon tax and use the tax system for what it was intended -- financing essential government services -- not as a tool to distort the price of energy to engineer a colour-of-the-month social outcome.

People still have to drive and heat their homes and increasing the cost of energy will do little to force people to behave otherwise. It will create hardship and difficult choices as people decide whether to enroll their children in soccer programs because of the cost of driving. But as more people realize the climate changes, always has and always will, the carbon tax will fall out of favour as a tool of coercion.

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