Monday, June 22, 2009

Wind power can't be counted on

Wind power is like an employee you can't count on. When they're working, great, but you always have to have enough reliable workers as if that spare tire wasn't even there.

Hank Petranic, VP for natural gas and power transmission for TransCanada Corp inadvertently proved that after speaking to representatives of 11 U.S. States and 5 Canadian provinces. He told the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix,

"You sell wind power when it's blowing and hold the water behind the dams; and when it's not blowing you let the water go behind the dam. Those are the kind of synergies you could have if you were part of a bigger market"...
Either way, you need the hydro-electric plant! So what good is the wind?

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bogged down said...

what he fails to mention is that in Ontario, which has just passed a massive energy overhaul, the green energy act, we have a massive initiative for wind energy. But as you point out what happens when the wind isn't blowing, which from what i glean is about 1/3 of the time. Well, here they have decided to base-load with natural gas, which will only get more expensive, and isn't carbon friendly. So why not skip natural gas and increase nuclear power. Ohhh i don't because it doesn't emit carbon, it's Canadian based keeping and creating jobs in Canada, it has been proven to pay for itself over time and can run efficiently for over 50 years. lets keep it Canadian go and sign the petition here.

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