Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taxpayer-funded red ball in Toronto

This year's annual Luminato festival in Toronto features an inflatable red ball. The festival has received $25 million from all three levels of government over the past three years. This left Kevin Gaudet asking Red Ball creator Kurt Purschke if the expense is justified RIGHT in front of the ball! Purschke is not impressed with the CTF's statement and takes down a sign that Gaudet posted.


chris said...

Canadian Taxpayers' Federation account has been suspended on YouTube for a terms of use violation. What the hell happened? Can't watch any of their videos.

Don Sharpe said...

youtube took down the video already? Please post the original on the site, it must be really good!

Anonymous said...

The video has been taken down from YouTube, so I didn't get to watch it. Has it been posted anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Youtube has yanked this video. That's too bad, as I would have really liked to have watched it. I wonder what meddling busybody blew the whistle? Perhaps you can find a different video host?

Lee Harding said...

Our entire YouTube account was shut down due to copyright violations not directly related to Red Ball. However, we have started a new channel called ctfcanada. As well, the video can be seen at

Anonymous said...

Censorship is definitely wrong, but you know, it was probably taken down because Kevin made himself look like a jerk--sure, slaughter a project that put smiles on hundreds of Torontonian faces, old and young. You don't even realize the project is not about the ball at all--it's a PERFORMANCE PIECE. Do your homework or don't talk about your so called "right" to critique art. You slaughter what you can't understand, I get it.

What about the other Luminato events that went down because of electrical compliance issues or video errors that were in the news--that was awful, and those projects "cost the taxpayers" WAY more than Red Ball.

As for the emphasis on an American--are you against cultural diversity? Did you know that the festival celebrates diversity? The staff was Canadian, but the artist was American, so what's the big deal?

It was not hard to find out that the government puts in 30% of Luminato funding, which, ladies and gents, is clearly not a majority. I know a bit about funding, quite a bit, and trust me, there are other things really worth arguing about rather than an art project.

On that note, your 77.5 a year as you claim to make, Kevin, might want to be put towards refining your literacy, as this entire time, you are calling the festival "ILluminato"--IT'S LUMINATO. Your job is a waste of MY taxpayer dollars.

Lee Harding said...

No salary in the CTF is taxpayer-funded. We exist on free-will contributions and do not take any direct or indirect government subsidy.

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