Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tax Cut on Wednesday, $50k Club Details Released

Business Tax Cut on Wednesday

Many businesses in Manitoba will benefit from a reduction to the provincial business income tax rate tomorrow. The rate will be reduced from 13% to 12% and was reaffirmed in the March, 2009 budget.

Two thumbs up for not wavering from this commitment despite the economic slowdown.

Although Manitoba has the dubious distinction of being known as a high tax jurisdiction and needs to address many other areas of taxation (i.e. school taxes, payroll taxes, personal income taxes), it's important to give the government a good pat on the back for this reduction.

For further details, click here.

Who Makes Over $50k at the City of Winnipeg? - Report Released Today

As part of their annual reporting requirements, the City of Winnipeg released the "2008 Compensation Disclosure Report". The report includes the names of employees at the City of Winnipeg that received over $50,000 in salary and taxable benefits (i.e. car allowance) for the year 2008.

To give the report a read, click here.

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Anonymous said...

This is a re-post of a comment I left on Bill Tuft's "Fair Pensions For All" blog. The comment's content is relevant to the above post.

Hello Bill:

I'm afraid this note won't be all that long as I find myself working in to the evening at home (unpaid) preparing for the weeks and months ahead at my workplace.

Perhaps I should mention that I am one of those unionized public sector workers you so casually generalized about this morning on CBC Winnipeg, and dismissed as over-compensated drains on our governments' coffers.

It is true that *some* individuals at the highest levels of management in municipal governments receive compensations of 6-figure salaries, along with their pensions and various benefits packages. However, if you would first do, and then share, thorough research with your readers you would find that many, if not all, of those managers are in union-exempt positions. This is certainly true of my own employer.

The vast majority of employees in my workplace do not make enough to even be included on the annual compensation disclosure list (whose cut-off is 50 K, annually). I am one of those employees not on that list.

Yes, if I am lucky enough to not lose my job to cutbacks in the next 20-some years (I am a newer employee) I will retire with a pension that will allow me to not starve, keep a roof over my head and access sound health care in my retirement years. How dare I expect this?!!

Until that time though, I will take my $44, 000 per year (plus - maybe - an annual cost of living increase and, yes, benefits: I'm having my teeth cleaned this Wednesday, and tonight I will file to get maximum - $200 - reimbursement for the $500 prescription eye glass lenses I had to buy last month). I'll take that 44 K and the promise of a dignified retirement and do my darnedest to serve the people of my city - putting to use my 6 years of post-secondary education (a graduate degree is the minimum professional qualification for my position - you may be interested to know mine came from a faculty of management) to try to figure out a way to offer my particular type of public service city-wide with a staff of 2.

And the CFIB wonders why many people like myself stand proud and say "Solidarity Forever" any chance we get? Someone like myself (raised so-called middle class, no activism in sight) grew into a radical just 2 years out of grad school, and as far as I can tell I have people like yourself to thank for it.

So, thanks Bill. I couldn't have done it without you, and the corner that your philosophies, and those of your ilk, backed me in to.

Now: back to work for me...

A young municipal worker and proud union member

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