Thursday, June 04, 2009

Secret Stadium Tax Break?

If passed, the provincial government's Bill 30 will exempt the new stadium in Winnipeg from paying property taxes (see section eight for details).

The question is, when was the exclusive tax exemption communicated to the public?

If you look at the news release from the stadium announcement in April, there is no mention of the exclusive tax cut.

Further, if you look at the provincial government's news release for Bill 30, once again you won't find any mention of the tax cut.

Even if you look at a detailed Winnipeg Free Press article on the stadium deal after it was announced, you still won't find details of the exclusive tax cut.

Has anyone else seen the exclusive tax cut reported in the media? Perhaps it has been, but the government has not done a fair job at reporting it to the public.

While many will agree with using tax dollars to fund the stadium, many will disagree. However, most will agree with the need for governments to be up front with such important details.

Hopefully important information such as this will make it into future government news releases.

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