Friday, June 19, 2009

RCMP Investigating NDP

According to the CBC, the RCMP is investigating the Saskatchewan NDP after allegations surfaced that party membership documents were forged.

As it was recently revealed that election documents were altered by NDP brass here in Manitoba so the party could receive $76,000 in taxpayer rebates, one has to wonder if Manitoba's NDP is next?

Maybe then taxpayers will find out the truth to the growing cheque swapping scandal. After all, taxpayers still deserve the following answers:

1) How many taxpayer dollars did the NDP receive through the illegitimate scheme?
2) Why did Elections Manitoba sweep the cheque swapping scandal under the rug, but prosecute another party's candidate for a relatively minor infraction?
3) What exactly is contained within Elections Manitoba's documentation from its investigation?

And more...

Hopefully Elections Manitoba will cooperate...but don't hold your breath.

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