Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Global Warming Alarmists Slammed

Yesterday, both Vancouver newspapers ran alarmist articles warning about the catastrophe that will befall us should the government not spend billions of our tax dollars to 'do something' about global warming.

My response, not included in today's Province letter to the editor section was: Dr. Andrew Weaver says no one listens to his cry of 'the rain is coming.' Perhaps that's because his cry would be more aptly described as 'the sky is falling.' A March 2009 Gallup Poll in the US showed that 41% of Americans say global warming is exaggerated in the mainstream media, the highest level in a decade of polling. In fact, it is the only issue where public concern has dropped considerably in the past year. The climate changes, always has, always will, and no amount of tax dollars wasted because of the cries of chicken littles will change that.

The two letters published in the Province show that people are not fooled by the alarmist agenda:

One entitled "Tiresome diatribe" started off with this: While few would dispute we all have a role to playing in reducing our carbon footprint, your article "Warmer Wilder Weather" is yet another example of the doomsday predictions concocted by our global-warming pundits.

The other, entitled "Justifying the carbon tax" started like this:
Having just turned our furnace on after mid June for the first time in 30 years, a little warming will be appreciated.

Read the letters here

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