Thursday, June 04, 2009

Gas tax honesty time for BC

Conventional wisdom claims drivers are gouged at the gas pump but with annual gas tax honesty days, more people realize that both the federal and provincial governments do some gouging of their own. Here in B.C. it's getting worse. It's time for some gas tax honesty.

Although the implosion of the federal liberal party in the 2008 election means we won't be seeing a carbon tax on the federal horizon, B.C. still has a carbon tax on gasoline and it will get bigger on July 1, 2009.

When the B.C. government fell for the consensus rhetoric of the global warming alarmists and introduced the carbon tax on July 1, 2008, people were outraged enough to boost the NDP's popularity over the governing Liberals for the first time in years.

Because the economy was of top concern to voters, the NDP didn't have a chance in B.C. That could change in the future if the economy is on an even keel. An Ipsos-Reid exit poll on May 12 showed that of the people who considered the carbon tax an issue, almost 60 per cent voted for the NDP.

Drivers are fed up being treated as bank machines for cash hungry politicians and those who continue with gas tax dishonesty will eventually pay the price at the polls.

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The Hopeless Handyman said...

How come I never hear about taxing (carbon or otherwise) and holding producers accountable for everything from gasoline sales to plastic packaging?

As opposed to passing carbon credits, recycling, reduced plastic consumption, etc. on to consumers who oftentimes have no choice?

Is this being discussed anywhere? Provincially, Nationally, Globally?

Thank you, HH

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