Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Deep Forest of Bailouts

Two for you, one for me, and if by chance we don’t agree, bailouts for everyone and more taxes and debt for me.

We naysayers who warned long ago that bailouts for one corporate welfare bum would inevitably lead to bailouts for every Tom, Dick, Harry… Moe, Curly and Larie, are right, again. It was therefore with little surprise that the federal government has caved in - again - and is now pledging a new $1 billion for the forestry sector.

But whats that? The union isn’t happy and is uterly ungrateful to the already fleeced Canadian taxpayer? We could never have guessed that after the union bosses of the CAW equally showed its appreciation.

The Conservatives need to realize that this is not only bad policy (they likely do), but that this is also bad politics. They have now bailed out every corporate welfare bum on Wellington Street, but they have seldom been this far down in the polls.

Taking a stand against this parade of special interests and reigning in spending would surely have been a better course to follow, for policy and polls.

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