Monday, May 25, 2009

Saskatchewan already lost on this gamble

No wonder this and this came out on a Friday. Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming is giving $1.5 million to horse racing.

That's $986,000 to Saskatoon for thoroughbreds, $32,000 to horse racing in Melville, another $165,000 for standardbred racing in Saskatoon, and also $259,000 for standardbred racing in Yorkton. Amazing: that's $1.50 per capita from taxpayers for an industry that can't make it on its own.

Oh, what would we ever do without government helping us place our bets? Maybe keep our money in our pocket and let someone else gamble it?


percyq said...

This is , of course, absolutely outrageous.
Why don't you hypocrites have a problem with the $650.00 and counting per capita annual outlay for another industry that can't stand on it's own two feet: farming? This is why you pathetic yahoos have zero credibility. Hell, you don't even have the class or the guts to post a critical comment. Wankers.

percyq said...

Well Mr. Harding, I guess you sure showed me.
But posting my comment is one thing, answering the question is another.
On the chump change, $1.50 per capita
issues, you claim to be fighting for taxpayers.
On the substantive bailouts and $650.00 per capita giveaways you are silent, and in fact are fighting against taxpayers.
It is tragic you exist, for taxpayers truly do do need someone to fight for them.
All you do is use up good oxygen.

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