Friday, May 29, 2009

Premier Wall on Rider Stadium

Premier Wall made some ambiguous comments on the possibility of a new Rider stadium. The CTF has already asked for a copy of a government-commissioned report on the topic, but it has not yet been made public. Wall says...

"We have B.C. doing about I think a $250 million renovation. They're going to have a retractable roof. (Calgary's) McMahon Stadium is getting a lot of love there, I think $30-$40 million," Wall said, adding Winnipeg is getting a new stadium.

"I think the most unlikely (option) would be 'do nothing,'" the premier told reporters at the legislature.

Renovating the current stadium probably isn't high on the list either, but "I don't think we would rule that out down the road if the feasibility of something else just doesn't seem to be there," Wall said.

The premier said he hasn't yet read the $70,000 concept review, conducted by outside experts, in detail but is familiar with the outline of the report. It will be shared with the Riders and the City of Regina before information from the report is revealed to the public, he said....

But Wall has said he wouldn't want to use money from the general revenue fund and has in the past suggested the potential of some sort of arrangement with Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation as one possibility.

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