Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One more knock against new Rider stadium

Neil Donnelly, VP of events and entertainment at Evraz Place in Regina says a new football stadium for the sake of concerts would be foolish.

"I've said before to a few people, they're talking about $400 million for a new stadium or $300 million for a new stadium. Well, the reality is, they could put $100 million into the existing stadium or build an outdoor stadium for $100-and-some million and still have $100 (million) or $150 million to build a new 10,000- or 12,000-seat hockey rink that would likely serve the concert goers far better than a football stadium. If you look at the BC Place website, in the last three years they've had two or three concerts per year and that's it. It doesn't get used as a concert venue. If they're looking at a covered stadium to be a concert venue, that's really not the best solution."

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