Friday, May 29, 2009

$1.4-million Per Job Saved: The Efficiency of a Planned Economy

As reported in today's Globe, the average cost to the taxpayer for every job "saved" in the auto sector has been $1.4-million. That is one million, four-hundred thousand dollars. Dollars, not pesos, not chickens and mules, dollars.

To those in government, the auto industry, the media and leftist think-tanks that have repeatedly said that this will be cheaper than the costs of letting failing businesses fail, eat your heart out. If ever vindication was needed to prove that this has been a historic waste of taxpayers' money, this is it.

At this point, perhaps we should just throw in the towel and send everyone with an endangered job a cheque for $1-million. It will save us more in the end than these endless bailouts which are only delaying the inevitable.

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