Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recycling tax grab undermines recycling

B.C. already has an electronic recycling tax grab that has destroyed jobs, now the government wants to extend that tax to even more products to undermine exising - tax free - recycling efforts. The last thing needed in B.C. is more bureaucracy charging more taxes that do nothing to encourage people to recycle.

BC's recycling bureaucracy's good intentions have already hurt small business and could further hamper existing recycling efforts. Electronic recycling, already underway in the private sector, had been growing considerably – all at no cost to taxpayers.

It put a Victoria company, Breakdown Recycle, out of business. The recycling bureaucracy had concerns about electronic handling at the facility. It sent used computers to a schools program in Pakistan, but the bureaucracy doesn't allow its recyclers to send material to non OECD countries -- so much for reuse.

Now, BC's recycling bureaucracy wants to muscle in on an area where voluntary, tax-free electronic recycling already exists. The cell phone industry, under the industry-led Recycle My Cell program, collected over 800 cell phones in 400 drop-off sites in B.C. over the past two years – all at no cost to taxpayers. Starting to see a pattern here?

Recycling is a great idea for many reasons and businesses are fully capable of recycling without a heavy-handed bureaucracy -- funded by taxpayers. Government is increasing our tax burden and at the same time, undermine existing programs that didn't cost taxpayers anything. It's time to stop the recycling tax grab.

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