Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cruise ship accomodations for Olympic cops

When the RCMP 2010 Olympic Security unit first announced it would house its staff on cruise ships, eyebrows raised.

But eyebrows lowered when we realized it was not that bad an idea, in theory at least, because the International Olympic Committee had already booked up most of Vancouver's hotel rooms.

Then reality hit.

The first deal, for ships at a cost of $55 million, fell through. Lawsuits ensued.

Now, the RCMP have announced another deal, costing $76 million. This would house 1,100 from Jan. 12 next year rising to 5,300 from Jan. 28 to March 2.

But for $76 million, almost 9,000 people could spend 60 days on a cruise from LA to Australia!

Once again, the blank cheque approach to the Olympics, at every level of government, is sinking the taxpayer.

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