Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Orwellian pay raise for nurses in BC

When is a pay raise not a pay raise? When it's a market adjustment.

The BC government, after saying it would hold the line on public sector wages, gave a 'market adjustment' of six percent over two years. One of the reasons given for the 'not' pay increase was the difficulty the government has been having recruiting nurses.

But the average annual nurse's salary is now about $80,000. If salaries that are two times higher than average salaries are not high enough to attract workers, maybe it's not the money.

People go into nursing because they care about people, but if they see, according to the Supreme Court of Canada, people languishing and dying on waiting lists, they are not able to do their jobs.

It's time for the system to change.

Sweden, a bastion of socialism, now has private managed healthcare facilities, private health insurance, and user fees. After these reforms, not only were patients happier, nurses were happier as well.

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