Sunday, March 29, 2009


Get on board! The Canadian Taxpayers Federation's latest campaign against corporate welfare is here: Sign a petition, tell your friends, and even donate. We made it easy as lemon meringue pie to tell your whole address list and/or your facebook friends. Unfortunately you can only tell 12 facebook friends per day, so it's probably wiser you not miss the email part.

It's also wise to act today, not later. March 31 is the deadline for the Big 3 to renegotiate their overgenerous, unsustainable agreements with the Canadian Auto Workers Union. GM made their deal, but Chrysler is still in negotiations. However, Ottawa has already said that the "deadline" could get extended by two weeks.

[Industry Minister Tony] Clement also sought to clarify an impression he had left that a tentative contract deal between the Canadian Auto Workers union and GM Canada, reached over the weekend, had delivered insufficient union concessions.

Some analysts have said the CAW needed to cut labour costs by about 30% to make a difference, not the reduction of about 10% that some predict it has offered, but Mr. Clement said he was not offering an opinion on whether this was enough.

"It's not a deal breaker," he told CTV television.

Too bad.

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