Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When will prohibition end?

Prohibition ended in Saskatchewan in 1925, but not for private liquor retailers to cannot compete with the government to this day. It's interesting to read in a a Leader-Post article that the head of the union representing public liquor employees (SGEU) uses 1920s gangster language by saying that private liquor retailers want "a piece of the action". For its part, the provincial government says the SGEU is "stuck in the past" and resistant to change, given its response to the introduction of privately-run wine stores in Regina and Saskatoon.

SGEU responded by running ads supporting the public liquor monopoly, one that has drawn sharp criticism from newspaper editors and citizens alike.

The CTF's commentary, "End Prohibition of Private Liquor" can be read here. It's getting plenty of feedback in Saskatoon. The 2004 report, "Embracing Competition" can be read here.


Saskatoon said...

Can you tell me who funds your registered charity?

Lee Harding said...

We're a non-profit, though not a registered charity. Now can you tell us who you are?

Saskatoon said...

Thanks for the clarification, although I noticed you didn't answer my question.
I am a taxpayer.

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