Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Air Canada vs Government of Manitoba - We're Taking Bets...

Many eyes rolled last October when the provincial government announced it was taking Air Canada to court over the firm's decision to close down a flight attendant base in Winnipeg.

The province argued that the move contravened a law passed by the federal government that requires Air Canada to maintain an "operational centre" in Winnipeg.

As Steve Lambert from the Canadian press notes, flight attendant bases are not physical buildings, but places where attendants start their shifts. Further, Air Canada still maintains a call centre in Winnipeg, a maintenance centre and other facilities.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation recently discovered through the Freedom of Information Act that over $10,900 has been spent by the government on this case. To view the response, click here.

In the mean time, we're taking bets on who you think will win. ;)

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