Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tax Relief not Auto Bailouts: Dragon's Den

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation was warmly received on CBC's Dragon's Den for proposing $20 billion in tax relief. Buzz Hargrove, former head of the Canadian Auto Worker's Union, told the Dragons not to listen to the CTF and instead to spend money on everything in sight, including the auto sector. Dragon Kevin O'Leary called the Big 3 "losers" that didn't deserve help. Below, see Kevin Gaudet's presentation for the CTF and beneath that, Hargrove.

Kevin makes a winning pitch

Buzz is not so lucky

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Patrick Ross said...

Mr Hargrove showed up woefully underprepared.

But one thing that bemused me a little was one Dragon's objection that Canadians would save tax relief, or use it to pay down debt.

As I understand it -- correct me if I'm wrong -- the current financial crisis is predicated on defaults on various debts.

Under those conditions, one would expect that the repayment of debt would be a positive thing in the current market (or any market). Beyond that, consumers carrying lower debt loads have more reason for confidence.

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