Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talk to Sask gov about health

Tony Dagnone, head of Saskatchewan's "Patient First" health review, wants to hear from you about our health care system. In a public appeal in the letters section of the Leader-Post, he explains how:

I'm writing this letter today because, as valuable as these conversations have been, we want to hear from more Saskatchewan residents. If you haven't been invited to join one of our focus groups or small-group discussions, I want to invite you now to tell us your story at www.patientfirstreview.ca. By following an interactive online guide posted there, you can share your experiences with health care and offer us your ideas as to how it can best serve patients. You can also call us at 1-866-281-6355 to obtain a paper copy of the guide or to arrange to share your story with someone in person.

Take this opportunity, as all options are on the table, including private health care. The potential for this is proven by the televised SGEU ads scared about this possibility. Hopefully it happens.

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Maureen Bader said...

Trouble brewing. BC had a conversation on health, and it didn't give the answers the government was looking for. As a result, no results appear to have come out of the lengthy process.

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