Wednesday, February 18, 2009

She's got a ticket to ride and she don't care

Lori Ridgeway with Fisheries and Oceans spent $400,000 taxpayer dollars on travel, yet still insists she's trying to save. Why then does she fly business class and stay in ritzy hotels?

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chrisdgreek said...

Obviously, she has no care for the taxpayers, only her selfish greed and commandeering her posse, to show, that she is number1. I am the boss, she states. What business was done in Bali, or are you going now to mend business up in Bali. You should be fired for spending taxpayers monies like you are doing. Also, government watchdogs, should be investigating you for possible corruption in the mishandling of taxpayers monies, NOT YOUR MONEY. I want your job! I think that I could sell dead kola bears to Canberra, and for less money. Shame on the Federal Government for having someone like you to overspend taxpayers monies in a global recession.

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