Thursday, February 12, 2009

Recycling fees and taxes for Saskatchewan?

Could a bad program in Ontario be coming to Saskatchewan? Low prices for newsprint, paper and cardboard mean have left rural recycling programs stockpiling such products instead of selling them for profit. Apparently, the losses are around $700,000. Because there's a "possibility" of job losses, the recycling association is asking the premier for "emergency funding."

The Star-Phoenix reports,

The provincial government is aware of the crisis facing the [recycling] agencies, said Sam Ferris with the Environment Ministry's environmental protection branch. In the long term, the government is planning to create an industry recycling stewardship program where the companies and consumers that generate the waste contribute to the cost of recycling. That kind of program, already in operation in places such as Ontario, won't be ready to implement in Saskatchewan for at least another year. In the meantime, provincial officials plan to meet with the recycling agencies.

Saskatchewan could indeed learn a few things from Ontario--like how not to implement a program. Last July, Ontario's Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) recycling program got the go-ahead. Its increased fees ($100 million per year in phase one alone) made the CTF and recycling groups sore.

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Darcy said...

Did you know that it currently costs over 31,00 ro recycle a mouse in Saskatchewan?

Did you also know that NONE of the private for profit ewaste companies in Saskatchewan have not(to date) been allowed to participate in the Government ewaste program?

Our company has been recycling ewaste for over four years, and we have cost the Saskatchewan Taxpayers ZERO dollars while the Government/Electronics producer's program racks up millions of dollars in surpluses (presently in excess of 8 million dollars in surpluses collected). See annual reports for their numbers.

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