Thursday, February 26, 2009

Most Regina residents DON'T want a new stadium

The deceptive headline "Regina residents prefer new stadium" was on the front page of the Leader-Post Thursday. But, as their graphic illustrates (see below), a majority DO NOT want a new stadium.

A poll of 606 Reginans conducted by Sigma Analytics revealed that 52.5% either wanted just a renovation or for the stadium to remain as it is, with 42.5% wanting a new stadium.

Public opinion on the ideal location for the Moose Jaw Multiplex was similarly split. Downtown, the most expensive option, had the edge, and prevailed, even though almost 2/3 of residents wanted the building to be in the north end or at the current civic centre site. Should Regina go the same way, $350 million will be spent on a new stadium. Hopefully if that happens, the taxpayer contribution will be no more than half. Unfortunately, precedent reveals that's not the Canadian way.

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