Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Left wing vs. Aboriginal Status Quo

Kevin Libin's interesting article begins,

In their living room, surrounded by posters of Vladimir Lenin and smiling, AK-toting Salvadorean guerilla girls, Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard hardly look like enemies of the Canadian Left. But in this country there are Things One Cannot Say; the most egregious of them being to question the special status Canada grants to entrenched Aboriginal interests. And the Calgary authors, despite their Birkenstocks and their confidence in Trotsky, appear, unconscionably, unworried about saying them.

Their new book, Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry...is 260 pages of unspeakable challenges to what they consider the "romantic mythology" of native culture, the "quackery" of promoting traditional healing, the meaninglessness of "traditional knowledge" and treacherous assertions that Indians were "barbarians" before Europeans introduced to them "civilization."

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Patrick Ross said...

At the tune of $10 billion per annum, it seems that Canadian aboriginal policy faces greater problems than whether or not Frances Widdowson buys into the dogma that is the status quo.

These individuals need to get their priorities vis a vis aboriginal policy in order.

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