Monday, January 26, 2009

Who will support a balanced budget?

Although some are persuaded that deficit spending is okay in the short term, a sizeable 40% of Canadians don't. A Nick Nanos poll shows 38% oppose deficits and only 3 in 10 support industry
bailouts. Yet, no political party represents them. Strangely, the government that calls itself "Conservative" is the one introducing a massive deficit budget only months after an election campaign where it pledged anything but.

Ipsos-Reid found parallel results in its own poll. Despite an endless media bombardment to the contrary, 41% of Canadians still say that a major deficit is a 'waste of money' that will do little to get Canada out of a recession.

More specifically, 6 in 10 Sask/MB respondents oppose deficits. Rural are less supportive than urban. BC, ONT and Atlantic Canadians are the most supportive of deficits. Males are less supportive than females, and younger less supportive than older. No wonder. Without a dramatic turnaround in fiscal policy, the young generation will be paying for this federal debt the rest of their life.

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