Monday, January 26, 2009

EI Fraud of $150 million

Canada's Employment Insurance Fraud is $150 million, reports CanWest.

As the Harper government faces pressure to expand the Employment Insurance program in the upcoming budget, the department that manages the initiative has racked up a loss of nearly $150 million on EI fraud.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) recorded a loss of $147.9 million on fraudulent claims for EI benefits in 2007-08. The department estimates it eventually will recover all but $58,924 -- but if recent efforts are any indication, that could take years.


Anonymous said...

The facts are terrible, but real. Supplying information about the problem is comendable.. posting a solution in the form of a phone number or a place to report would be ideal. Everyone, including the governemnt has supplied their opinoin towards the facts but no one makes it easy to report abuse. which makes no sense

Anonymous said...

the entire system is a fraud

Anonymous said...

the whole system is a fraud

Anonymous said...

While it is certainly a tragedy, the EI program still has a 57 billion dollar surplus, which is oddly never reported with this story.

Actually, I rarely hear anyone in the harper government wanting to talk about that money...

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