Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santas Harper and McGuinty Deliver Auto Coal to Taxpayers

TORONTO: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) reacted with dismay to the announcement of a $3.5 billion federal and Ontario government bailout to Ford, Chrysler, and GM. CTF federal spokesperson, Kevin Gaudet, said “throwing good money after bad won’t fix big auto but it will drive Canada and Ontario further into deficit.”

“The big three are a bottomless pit, having already burned through $782 million of taxpayer cash in Canada over the last five years,” Gaudet continued. “Each announcement of government cash support was followed by downsizing, layoffs of Canadian workers, and the demand for even more cash by the big three. Be assured, these companies will be back for more before spring.”

Last week at Congressional hearings in the United States Mr. Mark Zandi, Chief Economist of Moody’s, testified that the big three will require between $75 billion and $125 billion to avoid bankruptcy.

“Going into deficit to hand tax dollars to US-based companies that may still go bankrupt is absurd. It prolongs the inevitable restructuring the industry must go through to become profitable again and, it establishes a precedent for other industries. The new policy in Canada appears to be one of ‘run a successful company and your government will tax you excessively, run your company poorly and your government will come running with buckets of other peoples’ money.’ Shame on both these governments.”

In June 2004 Stephen Harper told the Toronto Board of Trade, "It was an NDP leader, David Lewis, who coined the term corporate welfare bums in 1972. Unfortunately, in the past 30 years, too many corporations have been drawn into this trap by the available plethora of government loans, grants, and subsidies."


Donna said...

Subject: five billion dollars, over 5 year period should be given to consumers to purchase Green cars.


Editors: The King Sentinel

RE: no bail out to auto industry, including suppliers by CTF

Subject: Government should give the consumer a budget of
$5-billion dollars for contracts to purchase Green vehicles. No less than 200,000
could be on the Canadian roads within a five year period.

If there is any taxpayers’ money given out, at all, it should be for the consumers, to purchase Green cars.

Those are vehicles that do not pollute, they may be solar combined with electric cars, that have no exhaust of any kind, not even just water vapor as would be released by hydrogen cars.

How this Grant of Taxpayer's money would work:

This is the calculation of what I believe would work on free Green
cars, given away to those who enter a draw, "Why they want to own and drive an EV vehicle, of any kind: three-wheel or two wheel bicycles, motorbikes, cars, trucks, recreation all terrain vehicles, or whatever.

The maximum payment would be $416.667, per month, towards a
purchase = $5,000.00 yearly for a maximum of 5 years = $25,000 value.

In a five year period, no less than 200,000 non polluting green cars would be reducing toxic fumes.

The calculations would be 40,000 persons the new EV owners, who have their names drawn, and who would receive the up to $25,000.00 per EV vehicle, including all taxes.

Math is as follows: $5,000.00 x 5 years = $25,000.00 x number of
persons to get the free Green vehicle is 40,000 per year, =
$1,000,000.000.00 or one-billion dollars, x 5 years = Five Billion
Dollars, budgeted to get Green cars on Canadian roads.

The contest and draw entry must be open to all taxpayers of all
Canadian cities. That includes Provincial and local taxpayers.

Thank you for your consideration to sharing how well Five Billion
dollars could benefit society, and encourage non-polluting
manufacturers of any Green vehicle, to be successful, of 40,000 or more customers, depending on the price of EV, with air conditioning.

We need cheaper EV's for in town use. Better batteries for travel. I believe a special license to drive with polluting fuels should be only for necessity of commercial use, only. All others have a duty to purchase, as should be encouraged, Green cars, totally green and non-polluting.

We will have to make exception of the battery as they may pollute
in their manufacturing.

Who stone-walled a better EV Battery:

It may have started with Thomas Edison, who had said, "The use of
electricity would be used to drive vehicles, more so then use in the
homes." Did he not invent a better EV battery? If so, who purchased the patent? Did he sell out on us? And to whom, if so? Was it to
his good friend, Ford?

Current Times: We need to investigate and try for crimes against Planet Earth any large corporation that tied up the EV battery patents and did
not sell better EV batteries or encourage their production for ownership of EVs.

I understand Chevron is involved in one of the patent EV
batteries, thus, blocking production of EV vehicles.

What truth comes out who is all involved in blocking the better
batteries/ It alleged GM was involved. This was by in selling
their interests in battery patents to the oil industry, Chevron. So GM is directly or indirectly involved in stone-walling Green cars.

GM does not deserve any taxpayer's bailout to their stakeholders. Let them all go down
the drain. Please . . . Put the money into Green transportation and infrastructure.

So the public has to have the means, the use of own taxed dollars, to patronize the true Green car manufacturers.

Comments on ways and means, appreciated.

Donna Young

Box 504

Dawson Creek, BC V1G 4H4

Tel: 1-250-782-9223 Cell: 1-250-795-1861 Email:[2]

alice said...

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