Friday, December 19, 2008

Economic Stimulus Application Form

With an alphabet soup of groups lining up to beg for federal cash handouts as part of so-called economic stimulus packages there is a humourous 'application form' that can be seen on the National Post site.

To get a giggle while the federal government plans a $30 billion deficit click here.

Thanks to Terry Corcoran for giving taxpayers a laugh.


TaxedtoDeath said...

Does anyone know the number of Canadians that are currently employed by the government. Back in the early 90's for every 100 private sector jobs there was 103 government jobs. This lead to major budget deficits and crippled the economy. Now with these government bail outs of private industry it seems like it won't be too long before we have 70 to 75% of Canadian workers employed or financially backed by the government. In private industry companies are cutting staff, taking pay cuts, freezing wages or going bankrupt. When does the government start cutting back and doing their fair share for the people that elected them in this economy?

Misery Mosiah said...

In this day in age society looks at the so called deficit as a debt. We as a people of all nations are in debt to no one but those less fortunate. As humanitarians and union policy keepers of the promise rightfully claimed through liberty and happiness as well as justice for all we place ourselves in the possitions of others to grasp the concept of benevolency. Charitable contributions to end the sufferings of those who in your shoes or my shoes would have made wiser descisions. For today we have mothers fathers and children with no shoes , shelter or sustanance, and no Idea how to make it better with the unjust or disrespectful case worker, or a school teacher who has worked all their lives for the same courtesy who has been laid off. We need an economic plan for the fellowship of all countries and all nations in the U.N. we need a sufficiant means to ensure the confusion of debt doesen't leave anyon from age 1-121 out in the cold. Better treatment of fellow individuals a happier more peaceful place to live and work or enjoy school and partnerships with others. Where the label you wear is only that of the WHite Flag label of our continental constitution. Give up the hardship of trying to keep others down and enjoy the enjoyment of success garenteed for all. Stimulus Reparatory Pay offs. When the line for social security is too long .Communism TODAY! Capital file... MISERY MOSIAH-ACA

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