Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Call the GG!

This morning, the CTF sent out an urgent TaxAction to CTF supporters.  Click on the image below to read the TaxAction.

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truthjustthetruth said...

December 3, 2008

Her Excellency the Right
Honourable Michaëlle Jean
Governor General of Canada
Rideau Hall
1 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A1

Dear Honourable Michaëlle Jean:

Stunning does not begin to describe the events over the past week. I am going to speak to you from the heart.

I have voted for the liberals in the early 90's when Jean Cretien said his party said they would get rid of the GST. I have never voted for the Liberal Party again. I do not trust people who do not tell the truth, I am kind of funny that way. I may vote for the Liberals again if they can show me a reason to trust them and the Conservatives show me a reason not to trust them. Currently, many of the same faces are in the Liberal party of Canada from the sponsorship scandal which is yet another reason I do not vote for the Liberal Party of Canada. Currently, I simply do not trust them. I had voted for Conservatives in the 80's, fortunately not many of those faces are in the Conservative Party today, so I do have a current alternative as the current NDP's are not one in my opinion.

Recently I have voted for the Conservatives, and I have not entirely been disappointed by a minority government or the Conservative Party. The minority government meant it kept the checks and balances of the far right wing of the Conservatives in the PC Party while allowing different views from across the country to be heard and felt in parliament. It felt in this country, for me and I am sure for others, as a stable government while the the Conservatives and Liberals had to work out decisions that had to be made governing Canada's policies and fiscal spending by not alienating one segment of this country too far. We, as Canadians, went on with our businesses, and/or working, paying taxes, raising children, paying our mortgages and finding time for leisure.

But not this week. The outrage that this government, elected by the people, can be "taken over" by a combination of three parties that were NOT elected a minority or majority government is unthinkable. A non-confidence vote had given me the comfort that the Conservatives would not move too far right wing, and the left wing would not use their hammer forcing an unpopular alternative which is the idea of yet another election. I was rolling my eyes early last week, as most Canadians did, at the prospect of yet another election on the threat of a vote of non-confidence by an agreement of the NDP, Liberals and some Bloq MP's was simply my initial reaction.

No longer my reaction at this "take over" position they have taken. No not now, now my eyes are fixed and wide open.

Please allow me to show this country just how outraged I, and other Canadians are at this horrific coalition take over alternative government and make this upcoming vote of non-confidence a chance for all Canadians to get truly active in this process. As a Canadian voter and taxpayer I implore you to allow me and the rest of Canada to vote again. Taking voters out of the process of who governs them is nothing less than undemocratic, and I have always told myself and my children that we live in a democracy. Please do not make me a liar to my children. They do not trust liars, they are kind of funny that way.

I promise that I will not groan about another election after I just voted for one recently. I promise that I will support my taxes to be used towards another immediate election and do so willingly. Please let all parties know in parliament that I support even having my taxes increased to help pay for a new election. The alternative is a take over of our democracy and it is unthinkable. Having 3 so diametrically opposed groups running this Country, and at a time of economic crises no less, is not what any voter wanted, you must know this in your heart.

I promise you that I will vote, you have my word on it, I would not lie. I'm kind of funny that way. If there is a vote of non-confidence in parliament, dissolve this government, and order a re-election for the people of this country. The people of this democracy we all are so proud to call Canada.

Thanks you, Stacey Robert Puff, Canadian Citizen

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