Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bettman was "Best-washed"?

NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, was in Edmonton yesterday to tell Edmontonians a big, fat lie.

As reported in today's Edmonton Sun, Bettman said "there is no way an arena can be built 'without a significant public investment.'"

Either Mr. Bettman is lying to Edmontonians, or he gets his information on how arenas are financed in Canada from Lyle Best and the rest of the City of Edmonton "Leadership Committee."

You will recall that the CTF discovered the City Shaping report authored by Mayor Mandel's committee conveniently left out the fact that all new NHL arenas built in Canada in the past two decades were virtually 100% privately financed. 

Unless Mr. Bettman shows up with a cheque in hand to pay for a new arena, he should avoid telling Edmontonians how much they should be willing to pay.  And stop lying while he's at it.

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