Monday, December 01, 2008

$85M to prepare Canadians for global warming

The federal government is ready to spend generous amounts of taxpayer dollars to prepare Canadians for climate change. The first $8 million will prepare people for a heat wave, says the National Post.

Jim Frehs, manager of Health Canada's climate change and health division...Mr. Frehs heads a program whose goal is to develop "more heat-resilient individuals, households and communities," part of an $85-million federal program to help Canadians adapt to global warming....

But Ian Clark, one of the small minority of Canadian climate scientists who does not believe the Earth is undergoing a warming trend, said even if one believes the temperature will rise by the few degrees that others predict, the health effects would be minimal.

"It's absolutely absurd," the University of Ottawa earth sciences professor said of the program. "It sounds like people looking for things to do."

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