Monday, November 03, 2008

STC mounts up losses

It's opening day for Regina's $26.2 million bus depot, all paid for by provincial taxpayers. It was built for Saskatchewan Transportation Corporation, a corporation that has taken $70 million from Saskatchewan taxpayers since 1999. Only 35 percent of freight and passengers go through Regina, so disregard any suggestion that this expensive 70,000 square foot building, complete with a 20,000 foot garage that has indoor bays for busses, electronic sensors to open and close doors, 38 security cameras, etc., etc., will rebalance STC.

-Nov 6 Leader-Post editorial: Harding is Scrooge!
-Nov 5 Leader-Post article
-Nov 4 CTF news release
-8-page Leader-Post STC terminal ad section
-Oct 28 L-P article: Sask Party explanation, building features
-Jan 15 L-P article: subsidies can't continue
-Dec 8, 2005 Sask gov't release with design pictures and original $19M estimate

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