Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Scrap Equalization and Lower Taxes

Ontario is joining the ranks of have-not provinces and will receive $347 million of equalization payments next year - for the first time in the 51 year history of the program.

Equalization amounts to provincial welfare where natural-resource-rich provinces effectively have their taxes go to subsidize programs in provinces whose tax revenues are below the national average. This creates perverse consequences where provinces like Manitoba and PEI spend more per capita on health and education than does Ontario. Ontario taxpayers have ended up paying for the better health care enjoyed by PE Islanders.

Enough of this insanity already! Scrap the $14 billion a year intra-provincial welfare program and give the money back to individuals, families and businesses through broad-based tax relief. This way Ontarions get their money back but McGuinty doesn't get his grubby spend-happy hands on it.

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firethemall said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! If more people realized how stupid and unfair this program is it would not be around for long. Everyone in Ontario should be ticked off.
Maybe it is time that we should build the party of Ontario and do the unthinkable. SEPERATE!

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