Saturday, November 29, 2008

Harper's Subsidy Gambit a Pawn for Bigger Savings

Pundits of all persuasion are condemning the PM for his move to end $30 million in annual subsidies to political parties. They believe that we may be forced to suffer through another election or worse yet, have Dion as PM as a PM. There are other possible scenarios they have failed to consider.

Notice how the PM announced a suspension of the right to strike and limiting public service wages? Remember he said he will undertake a program review of $25 billion? In the past such actions with large financial impacts would generate great gnashing of teeth by the opposition.

Instead of being attacked by the BQ, Liberals, and NDP from the left on his spending restraint measures they and the media are helping instead to focus public attention on a $30 million cut to a political party perk.

This provides good cover for Harper to undertake the other necessary right-sizing of government. He may choose to sacrifice this $30 million to gain a check-mate on the other restraint measures he needs passed. If so, it is a relatively small concession for him to get the other elements approved. While a good symbolic move to cut politicians' access and use of taxpayer cash, it may need to be sacrificed for now.

If it is, Harper will always be able to point the finger at the three other parties who refuses to get their snouts out the trough on this one.

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Luke said...

How about canceling the tax rebates from donation. Keep the subsidy per vote and raise it. With the news of brakes lines being cut, people being threatened, I don't want my name being seen on election Canada's website donation list. People will see which party I donated money too.
What is the point of having a secret ballot?
Many argue candidates should reach out to the voters and get donations. Do they not reach out to the voters when campaigning and then the voters vote in secret for which ever candidate they prefer?
Then the pary will get the subsidy per vote. What is the point of voting if you know your canditate will not win?

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