Saturday, October 04, 2008

Separatist Atwood Gets Arts Funding Wrong

Yesterday famous Canadian author Margaret Atwood suggested if she were a Quebec voter she would vote for a separatist party whose mandate is to tear apart Canada. Voting for the Bloc Quebecois would stop a potential Harper majority, she says. To be clear, after all Canada has done for her, Atwood would prefer to risk having Canada destroyed by electing more separatists than risk having a Conservative government. Go figure! One would think someone who has benefitted from Canadian governments would favour a united Canada. Not Atwood.

Atwood denies she has been supported by the Canadian government. She denies that she gets arts grants. I doubt that she has never directly received a federal, provincial or municipal art grant. Importantly, her pronouncement that she thrives without such grants demonstrates how little she understands about arts and culture funding. Many of the magazines and books in which her work is published enjoy the benefits of federal programs and subsidies. Many of the festivals and events she attends are government-sponsored. In the unlikely scenario that she hasn't received direct support from government, Atwood has been the substantial recipient of support indirectly through the rest of the community who do get subsidies.

In the end, it is a tragic comment that such a prominent Canadian who has benefitted from government support would prefer Canada be broken up, merely to make a petulant statement to avoid a Harper government. If she doesn't like Harper, fine. She should suggest people vote for others, but not separatists.

Goodness, even the loud-mouthed Danny Williams doesn't support the separatists.

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wilson said...

No comment from Dion on the Atwood statement, nor Duceppe taking his seperatist campaign to Ontario??

Is the Arts and Culture vote more important to Liberals than the unity of Canada?
Even Martin came out against Buzz when he pulled a 'vote Bloc' to stop Harper.
But not a peep out of Mr Unity....

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