Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saskatoon sued for $1.7 million last year

Running a city can be a tad costly, according to the Star-Phoenix.

SASKATOON -- When your dog falls into a manhole, who can put a price on such grief?

The City of Saskatoon can. It paid a claimant more than $900 last year when an open manhole swallowed someone's four-footed best friend.

From food spoiling during a power outage to slip-and-falls and damage from dumpster fires, the city's legal department puts a price on city slipups.

Last year was one of its most expensive years on record. The city paid more than $1.7-million worth of claims, up 61 per cent from 2006. City solicitor Theresa Dust said she doesn't know why claims payouts rose so much, since claims are often filed a year or more after the incidents that caused them. But the spike perhaps demonstrates how comfortable people are seeking compensation from the public treasury.

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