Thursday, October 09, 2008

MP Maria Minna Householder Update: Honesty Goes Missing In Action

Early in the election campaign the CTF filed a complaint with Elections Canada about MPs' use of parliamentary privileges sending out householders during the writ period at taxpayer expense. Maria Minna, MP for Beaches-East York, was highlighted as one of the first to do it.

Ms. Minna has a post on her website stating that "In fact, the Chief Electoral Officer has ruled that the householder meets all of the requirements covering the free printing and mailing privileges provided to all Members of Parliament".

This is a nose-stretcher which would make Pinocchio blush.

This morning I spoke to a representative from the office of Mr. Marc Mayrand, CEO of Elections Canada. She advises that the CTF complaint has been referred to Mr. Corbett, Commissioner for Elections Canada and an investigation is currently underway. No communications have been provided to Ms. Minna or the CTF regarding the complaint that her householder violates election spending laws - especially not exonerating her.

The statement on her website is misleading at best and an outright lie at worst. It is unfortunate that anyone running for office would so obviously try to mislead the public in such a manner.

I look forward to receiving a final ruling on the CTF complaint and sure wish we could get some honesty back in politics.


Steve said...

Complaints have also been made about Carolyn Bennett in St. Paul's. Seems to be a pattern.

Beach Boy said...

It's interesting that, as the Environmental Activist (Dion) and the anti-poverty activist (Layton) are tripping over themselves trying to tell Canadians they should be trusted with the management of the economy, that BOTH of their candidates in Beaches East York have decided that the rules for spending taxpayer money don't apply to them.

I received a Maria Minna $25,000 partisan mailer on the taxpayers tab and received TWO 25,000 partisan mailers from smiling Jack Layton in support of Marilyn Churley on the taxpayers' tab.

Is this how these two will behave if elected / re elected?

How is this a fair fight?

Look forward to the results of the elections Canada complaint - this is an outrage!

Wolfman Brad said...

People in every riding in Regina received a ton of leaflets from the Conservatives during the writ period, each saying the incumbent was an MP.

There were at least half a dozen from Batters, Lukiwski, and Scheer, and a bunch from Carol Skelton going into Wascana.

Let's be fair and non-partisan here, CTF: your beloved Conservatives are just as guilty as the rest of them,if not more so -- they knew when the election was coming and were able to empty their accounts out that much sooner.sgmfbs

Scott Hennig said...

...hence why we sent a second letter to Elections Canada...

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