Friday, October 10, 2008

Liberals Concede Carbon Tax Plan Might Not Work

The Liberal Party of Canada, finally admitted that their carbon tax might not work. According to an article by Winnipeg Sun columnist Tom Brodbeck, Liberal candidate Bob Friesen acknowledged during a debate this week that their carbon tax plan - "Might not change behaviour".

Obviously this admission begs the question - how can they seriously propose to revamp the entire tax system during the middle of an economic downturn in the name of something that might not work?

Brodbeck's article also notes that while the carbon tax plan suggests that the average household would only pay $250 per year in carbon taxes, it's quite likely that carbon taxes on natural gas alone would be about $247.

Anyone who has seen the CTF's site, will now that carbon taxes have already failed miserably in Europe. Despite introducing carbon taxes in 2000, European carbon taxes have actually increased.

To view Tom Brodbeck's article, click here -

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