Wednesday, October 01, 2008

CTF Launches

This morning, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation launched

A carbon tax would be bad for Canada. It would drive up the cost of heating your home, increase the price you pay at the pumps and make the cost of anything and everything transported to store shevles go up and up.

It will further devastate an already hurting manufacturing sector which will negatively impact ALL corners of the economy.

And it would hit residents of Quebec and B.C. with a second carbon tax - heading into winter no less.

Carbon taxes in Europe have failed. It is a huge tax grab for governments which simultaneously hurts families while swelling government coffers and bureaucracies.

Furthermore, the very countries that have imposed new, permanent carbon taxes have seen their carbon emissions continue to increase.

Are we ready to devastate an economy that is already hurting and make families poorer for nothing?

Sign the petition. And send to all your friends, family and co-workers and urge them to do the same. If you can spare some $, please donate to our campaign, and help us say NO to a short-sighted carbon tax!

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