Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Former Vendor Bashes Canada Post

Trish McKenzie and Andres Fuentealba, owners of Express Convenience in Saskatoon, no longer have a Canada Post outlet in their store. The crown wanted the store to pay $42,000 in renovations in a nationwide effort to automate computer systems and re-brand its corporate look. This was the last straw for this outlet and many others for whom the price is too steep to keep being part of the delivery service, according to the Leader-Post.

McKenzie and Fuentealba are still frustrated. The couple has a long litany of complaints about Canada Post, including inadequate training, excessive red tape, and shoddy bookkeeping, and they say that the renewal costs were the straw that finally broke their back.

And although they bemoan the loss of service for their customers -- particularly the elderly --they are glad to be rid of the stress associated with running the postal outlet.

"I won't miss it at all," Fuentealba says.

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